Our skilled teams use only the best acid and

water proofing methods. Our solutions include:

Parking decks

Tank lining

Wall insulation

Pipe coating

Roof insulation

In-plant OEM

Rim and band joist

Potable water tanks

Waste water containment and


Secondary containment

Galvanised and asbestos cladding restoration



As approved specialist joint applicators we pride ourselves at being able to meet the needs of our clients through a wide range of application. Our solutions include:

Joint repairs

Mechanical retro fitted joints

Quick setting jointing

Polysulphide jointing

Non-moving joint filler

Moving joint sealant

Chemically resistant sealant

Polyurethane joint sealant

Highway structural sealant

Trafficable waterproofing joints.



We manufacture and install stainless steel drain solutions that integrate seamlessly into our existing flooring systems and floor levelling, where needed.

Our drains allow for better transitioning of forklifts, pallet jacks and traffic in general. Paired with several fibergrate options, that are easily removed for cleaning, we have a hygienic and practical solution for any drain requirement.



Our unique kerb solutions provide hygienic wall protection, suitable for the food and beverage industry, and are particularly beneficial where ISO panels are present. 


Our kerbs provide robust, reinforced protection that integrates seamlessly into all floor finishes. They are cast in situ and reinforced with rebar that is chemically fixed to the floor. This is done to yield a straight and level finish as well as to outperform the strength of any other kerbs.


Our concrete kerb solutions are:


Impact resistant


Water resistant

Chemically resistant