Specialist Residential and Commercial Spaces


We pride ourselves at offering high performance specialist flooring using materials such as epoxies, urethanes, advanced grouts, concrete and 
poly-urea’s. We have established a number of unique methods that allow us to create floors suitable for a variety of environments.

Our systems have waterproofing and acid prooding qualities, protection against thermal shock, and durability, and offer a variety of aesthetic finishes, while curing very quickly. In addition, they offer hygienic properties with great cleanability.


Placement, Design, Repairs, Polished and Exposed Concrete


Concrete forms the basis of the vast majority of the surfaces we make use of every day. We offer a turnkey approach to the placement and treatment of concrete.

Major concrete repairs are normally done by breaking out and replacing blocks or slabs of concrete. This means that sections of the floor will be closed off during maintenance or repairs and there is thus a long waiting period before the concrete is trafficable. With our range of polymer modified concretes, we can have the floor ready for traffic within 48 hours.


Joints and Joint Repairs



As approved specialist joint applicators we pride ourselves at being able to meet the needs of our clients through a wide range of applications. 

Joints are the biggest point of failure due to forklift and vehicle traffic and water or contaminant ingress. Flexible polyurethane sealant is used to seal joints from ingress. Polyurethane hybrid joint fillers are used in high traffic and forklift areas where joint edge breaks occur, and are designed to accommodate slab movement by cracking while maintaining a smooth transition over the joint.


Acid- and Water-proof Linings


We offer acid- and water-poofing for linings, waste water containment and management, galvanised and asbestos cladding restoration, parking deck coating and repairs, pipe coating and linings as well as wall insulation, roof insullation, in-plan OEM and rim and band joist. 





We manufacture and install stainless steel drain solutions that integrate seamlessly into our existing flooring systems and floor levelling.

Our drains are designed with angled-gulleys to allow water to flow quickly, while maintaining a perfectly flat top floor level. Our drains allow for better transitioning of forklifts, pallet jacks and traffic in general. Paired with several fibergrate options, that are easily removed for cleaning, we have a hygienic and practical solution for any drain requirement.


Sterikerb is a prefabricated hygienic wall protection range designed for environments where hygiene is a priority. The superior formulation allows Sterikerb to withstand impact, chemicals and humidity.

This system makes it possible to have a functionally hygienic

environment in even the harshest conditions making Sterikerb

the superior solution!

Recommended industries:

- Logistics, Transport, Retail

- Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities

- Food and Beverage, Agricultural

- Manufacturing, Processing and Chemical


Protective and Hygienic Kerbs